Wedding photography ...

J’adore weddings! I really do. Every one I have been to (& there have been many over the years) has been totally different & that is what inspires me photographically. Each wedding is unique – a bespoke & carefully thought out day, representing each bride & groom in their own personal way.

Weddings take months of careful thought, preparation & a whole lot of money usually. I like to capture the individuality of each wedding – the personal touches, the handmade details, the family traditions, the beautiful decorations. All of these make the day special, just as much as the guests do, so capturing memories of these is very important to me.

I only do a limited amount of weddings each year so that I don’t feel like I am on a crazy wedding conveyor belt, photographing one after another every weekend. I want to give each wedding I attend my full creative focus & not feel like it is just another day at work. I am privileged to be involved in someone’s wedding day & I never forget that.

The way I work is very unobtrusive. I work alone & like to blend into the background as much as possible. The biggest compliments are when my clients say they barely remember seeing me on the day! I work fast when I do family shots & will only disappear with the bride & groom for no more than fifteen minutes or so. I only do natural shots, nothing too posed or staged. I don’t give instructions during the photographs, just a little guidance so that I am capturing the bride & groom as they naturally are together – happy, content, in love!

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