14 October 2020

The New 2020 Wedding

So what does the new 2020 wedding look like? Well, from what I have experienced so far this year, it looks rather beautiful.

Small weddings are always a joy to photograph. The intimacy of having a small amount of guests allows for some rather special images to be captured. And as once a wellington boot or an umbrella shot was always a fun addition to a wedding gallery, now the face mask can be added to the list of quirky/must get shots of the day. If only to document this crazy time, not to define it.

My recent wedding clients have embraced the new normal and enjoyed a much more refined ceremony and reception celebration. But neither have lacked the beauty and romance of everything a wedding represents. It has been an honour to capture these celebrations on camera for both my clients and their wedding guests that couldn't be with them on their special day.

I am offering a discounted smaller wedding package for any upcoming weddings that fall under the current government regulations, so please do get in touch to chat about this further.

It's still a very beautiful world and a unique time to be celebrating your wedding day. I would love to be a part of it! For more details about my wedding package, please click here;


I look forward to hearing from you!

Catherine x