12 October 2020

Family Portraits for Christmas

Well, what a year we have been through so far. Completely bonkers and it's not over yet! As I re-emerge back into my beloved photography life after a rather tricky year with all that COVID-19 has brought us,  I am so excited to begin creating again. And what a gorgeous time of the year to start doing it!

Autumn is just such a stunning season in terms of colour and texture. It is the perfect backdrop for photographs and is just a wonderful time of year for capturing some beautiful family portraits. Around now I like to offer up my family portrait sessions with Christmas gifts in mind. It provides an ideal present for the Grandparent who has everything, as probably all they would really love is an updated photograph of their grandchild (& quite possibly of their child as they probably don't have a recent decent photograph of them either!)

My portrait photography sessions will encapsulate you as a family in a collection of images that radiate joy & love. I know in our age of smart phones we all have a million pictures of our kids at our fingertips (me included) but these never end up being printed or really ever being good enough quality. To achieve a wall worthy portrait you need someone like me to come along for an hour or so with my professional camera and really capture you and your family in all your (high resolution) glory!