21 March 2017

Springtime Sunshine

At last, some lovely Spring weather is here. I have been standing with my face in the sunshine to soak it all in! I do love this time of year,  daffodils & my beloved tulips everywhere and the beginnings of those light evenings and the hint of warmer weather on the horizon, perfect. And a perfect time to start thinking about some lovely family portrait photographs too.


My style for portrait photos is very natural, using natural light and strictly no posing! (yuk!) I capture the moments and capture how families are with each other. I love to photograph the interaction between brothers and sisters, Mums & Dads, children & pets and show those laughing expressions, or even those sulky  faces! All tell the story of each personality (& so much better than in a posed line up in my opinion)


Capturing photographs of family is sometimes (well actually quite often), not a priority and is something we all do on our phones. I am so guilty of this too and have so many photos of my little boy on my phone but nothing good enough quality to print out and actually put on the wall.


So now is a good time to think about investing some time to get some high quality images done of you & your precious family. It really is worth the investment , especially with little people as they grow & change so quickly.

Each shoot lasts around 1.5 hrs, can include as many outfit changes as you want (or can face with a little person!) and can be in your home and/or in your garden or local park/woodland. Outdoor shots are so lovely and are always encouraged, come rain or shine - I do love a wellington boot shot!


For more information & to see some of my latest work, take a look at my portrait pages on my website  here;


I look forward to hearing from you!

Catherine x